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Friends only!

Dec. 12th, 2029 | 05:17 pm
location: Seigaku Gym
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Sentimetal Generation - Ami Tokito

Pokemon, Tenipuri, and Hetalia friendship bannersCollapse )

Feel free to add me, but please post a comment here you want to be added back. Thanks!

If you're interested in my Tenipuri entries, you can visit Sateinya

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[reposted post] [Fanfiction] Drenched in the Rain - Chapters 5-7

Feb. 21st, 2016 | 09:31 am
reposted by apathymoon
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Namida wa Shitte Iru - Mayo Suzukaze
posted by: apathymoon in tenipuri

EDIT: Added link to chapter 7

Goodness... After six years, I've finally come back to writing this fanfic!

Title: Drenched In The Rain
Author: apathymoon
Character(s)/ Pairing(s): Sanada, OC
A strategic yet surprising arrangement by Sanada's grandfather binds the lives of the Rikkaidai emperor and a stranger from the shadows. Will Sanada Genichirou find it in his heart to welcome Yukari Azume, or will they separate on a sour note? Romance/Humor/Hurt. Sanada x OC. Chapter 7 is up!
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Humor/Hurt/Comfort
Disclaimer: I don't own PoT.


Concrits are loved. Flames will be used to bake cookies hurt the author.
X-posted. Gomen!

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