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[apathymoon](áp·pə·thee·moon) - an enigmatic username referring to a Sociology graduate and now writes to live, or lives to write. She wishes to enjoy eternal weekends, and would love to slay those who sought fear in the hearts of men and women alike. She is an avid animé and manga enthusiast - Seinen being her favorite type of comics. She is a shipper who's into pairings that aren't much appreciated or are always underrated.

She has a penchant for wrtitng poems, novels, short stories, and prose, having a thick collection of her own pieces kept in her worn-out notebook. Sometimes, she posts her literary pieces in her LJ. She also prefers European literature among all things, with Bram Stoker and Tolkien as her top favorites. She writes fanfiction, but her horrible writer's block often causes trouble for her. Her days in college nurtured her love for learning more about philosophy and sociology. Soren Kierkegaard and Immanuel Kant are two of her favorite philosophers

She is eclectic when it comes to music: Classical, alternative, techno, old school, electronic and rock. You name it, she listens to it (with the exception of rap and hip-hop). Any genre of rock music is okay with her, but she adores soft rock, gothic, post-punk, and darkwave the most. Some of her favorite singers/bands include Rammstein, The Police, Toto, Metallica, Liv Kristine, Abba, Bee Gees, and Siouxsie Sioux. When it comes to Classical Music, she is beholden to Beethoven and Bach, with a sprinkle of Rossini and Handel every now and then.

She likes: ·The colors BLACK, RED, TEAL, and PERIWINKLE·Cemeteries·Gothic-inspired Lifestyle and Literature·Cosplaying·Apples·Pizza·Chocolate·Creampuffs·Snowy and Cold places·Autumn and Winter·Classical, Darkwave, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Techno music·the Ragnarok Online·Katana and other deadly weapons·Seiyuus·Philosophy·Media Studies

Goes by the name: Yuna, Aine, Stella, Apathymoon, Ai-Kitsuneko Yuurei, Yuxina

Her journal is friends-only, but her fanwork posts are kept in public. If you want to add her, fine; however, if you want her to add you back.. leave a comment on this post. She would be more than happy to have new friends. =)

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